Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, wanted to give her son a treat. So, she claims she innocently bought a pack of biscuits.

When she opened it, her mouth was let open in amazement and disgust.

On Monday, she took to her Instagram page to reveal her shock at what she termed ‘sexual biscuit’.

The biscuit was shaped in the image of two people having sex.

Tonto Dikeh advised parents not to be careless with their children and pay more attention to items they buy or send others to buy for their children.

In her post, she said;

“Children see, Children do! A quote most of us are familiar with. Our kids are like copying machines. Whatever we put in them is what they will imitate and portray.

"We must be careful of how and what we input into them. What they see and hear must always be filtered.

"We live in times where everyone is exposed in one way or another to things they shouldn’t be exposed to.

"This is not an excuse for us to be careless with our children. It is the responsibility we automatically signed up for when we chose parenthood.”

The actress in a second post shared a picture of a biscuit which is meant for children, saying if it was 2 years ago she saw it, she might have laughed, but it is not funny anymore.