Popular on-air personality and author, Toke Makinwa, is yet to react to the fact that she now shares her fine name with a snake.

In case you missed it, popular Lagos club owner, Pretty Mike, got social media buzzing recently when he posted a picture of himself with his new pet python.

Not only was the choice of a snake bizarre but this guy named the snake ‘Toke Makinwa’ without an apology to our own Toke – the human.

The popular socialite has been explaining his motive.

He told Saturday Beats, “I named my pet snake Toke Makinwa because every Toke Makinwa is a snake. I named my pet python Toke Makinwa because I believe that she is not just a snake, but a huge snake – a python.

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“And this is based on some things she talks about and writes on. There is a lot of cunningness and sneakiness to her.

“She is not your normal lady and it is time to let people know.

“Some people attacked me that why would I name my snake after her but the truth is that the name is (not) patented and she does not have the right to the name.

“She is not the only Toke Makinwa in the world; there are so many of them. She might be the more popular one but right now, my pet python is even more popular than her.”

You would wonder why such negativity against Toke, but Mike says its pure entertainment diss and even Toke understands they are still friends.

So, we await Toke's response. It should drop very soon.


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