Media personality and best selling author, Toke Makinwa took to social media yesterday, August 31st, to reveal all the things she is thankful for.

On the Instagram post, she noted that losing somethings could have positive impact on the long run.

She thanked God for all the failed opportunities, relationships and broken bridges in her life.

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The media personality, who is also a successful skincare expert, asked her fans to celebrate their losses.

According to her, if she wasn't pushed to failure, she might never have been successful.

Her statement may be connected to her failed marriage to celebrity trainer, Maja Ayida.

She wrote;

"Today I am most thankful for closed doors, lost opportunities, failed relationships, broken bridges and all the things that were meant to destroy me. Thank you for pushing me to the limit, thank you for not working out.

Perhaps if you did, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Celebrate your loses, be thankful for everything happens for a reason and even though it hurts right now, you will exhale. You will find the good in goodbye ?? #Someday
Daaalu, Oshey, Nagode. ?? to new beginnings."

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