The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria(FAAN) have called Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage, a liar.

The body responsible for airport operations in Nigeria say contrary to her earlier claims, Tiwa was not infact robbed while her private jet was on the runway, calling the accusation ‘baseless’.

Savage had alleged on Wednesday, December 27, that while she and Wizkid were returning from an event in Akwa Ibom, the Bombardier Challenger jet they were in was robbed while it was still on the runway.

In a statement by its spokesperson Henrietta Yakubu, FAAN said that it was impossible for the jet to be burgled.

She added that the affected individuals never officially reported the theft, so there is no truth in it.

"The purported victims in the said cases also did not make themselves available for questioning, in the quest to unravel the case.

"Although investigations are still ongoing, FAAN will like to reassure travelers and the general public that with the level of safety and security systems on ground at the airports, it is practically impossible for an aircraft to be burgled within our runways" the statement read in part.