The internet frenzy associated with Tiwa Savage appearing as the video vixen for Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ video would not blow away soon.

The rumours of Wizkid and Tiwa Savage being more than friends and other implications of their relationship have been the main topic of discussion on social media for days.

Beyond trying to help her ‘bestie’ make a great music video, did it add any value to Mavin’s first lady?

“Would Beyoncé appear as a video vixen in a Drake video? I believe Tiwa Savage does not understand that she is a big brand” said artiste manager, Obinna Agwu angrily.

“Why would her management team allow her to be a video vixen on Wizkid’s video? Outside her music, she has been connected with one controversy or the other, and being on Wizkid ’s video is not good for her brand” he added.

The talent development manager, who has worked with record labels like Chocolate City, then ran through a list of controversies associated with the singer,  including her husband’s attempted suicide and her collaboration on the song ‘Codeine Diet’.

“I do not want to believe her management would have allowed her to appear in a video that does nothing for her brand. Some people might argue that it is good PR, but some brands might stop associating with her after watching the video” Obinna explained.

Artiste manager and show promoter, Kaycee Oguejiofor, who also spoke to Bounce News seemed to agree with Obinna Agwu.

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“Tiwa Savage did not collaborate with him on that song and should not have been on that video. The truth is apart from the short-term buzz that the video will create, Tiwa Savage is not getting anything from it. All the money and endorsements from the song go to Wizkid. She is not going to get a dime from it,” Kaycee said.

Kaycee believes Tiwa Savage should use her influence as one of Nigeria’s biggest artistes to promote other female talented musicians.

“When was the last time there was a female collaboration in the music industry, Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage are currently two of the biggest female musicians in the country.

"Why can’t they use their influence to improve the lot of other female musicians in the country, instead of thriving on controversies that do not add value to your brand or help your career” Kaycee said.

Do you think Tiwa Savage should have stayed away from Wizkid’s video?

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