A video has been circulating on social media claiming some members of House On The Rock walked out on Pastor Adefarasin while he was preaching about tithing.

While we were still trying to verify the authenticity of the clip, OAP Daddy Freeze immediately jumped on the viral video with an opinion that supports the supposed “walk-out”.

It is a known fact that controversial Daddy Freeze disagrees with the collection of tithes as preached by many pastors.

“The revolution has begun” he wrote on Instagram in approval of a supposed protest against the preaching.

What we are all expected to believe is that the pastor wants more tithe, but the people are tired of paying and that is where the problem is.

Bounce News did some investigation and we realized from diverse sources that Pastor Paul Adefarasin simply taught his congregation that they do not have to pay tithe before God blesses them.

According to a member of the church in Lagos, who spoke to Bounce News, Pastor Paul was not asking for more tithe.

He wanted people to understand that tithing is a way of recognizing the contribution of God to your life and not a means of receiving blessing.

“Pastor Paul said whether you tithe or not, you are already blessed by God,” she said.

And on the supposed walk-out, she said the story is false, and the teaching of Pastor Paul was not the reason for the members leaving.

In comparison to those who remained, the ones leaving were very small and cannot be described as walking out on Pastor Paul.

And truly, if this was indeed what was preached, then linking the message to people leaving does not add up.

So, the question is, since the pastor’s teaching seems to align with his view that tithe is not compulsory, what really is Daddy Freeze disagreeing with?

A Facebook user, Makua Eyisi, also gave his own account of what Pastor Adefarasin said and we captured it.