One common saying in Nigeria is; "there are no jobs" and you don't have to blame people who believe this because an over 18% unemployment rate is not a joke.

While nations are trying to go below 4%, Nigeria is on a drive galloping up like it is a race to the topmost figure. 

Well, in the midst of the whole job palaver, people are getting new jobs and a good number of others are changing jobs like they are using voodoo. 

Do not get carried away by the talks of there is no jobs and focus on the things you should be doing while you wait for a job. 

One of the few things that experts in this field of life - career development - have suggested is that anyone seeking a job must have a reasonable level of resilience. 

Rather than lose hope when you do not hear from a company you had branded your CV for, build resilience. 

Here are a few things that Natalie Arch, a certified career coach suggests you should do to build resilience that will help you push a notch in your job hunting. 

1. Connect

One way to build resilience is to communicate, connect and interact with your network. Research has proposed that someone’s resilience may start outside the individual and that family, community, and culture highly play a role in the process.

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Like the saying goes, 'birds of a feather flock together', and this works a lot in making these choices. Remember that 'you can’t change the people around you, but you change the people around you' by making the right choice you connect with.

Always be open enough to share what you are going through with your family and friends. Help may come from them.

2. Connect With Your Sense Of Purpose

You will need to consider the activities that make you feel accomplished and excited. Think of those things that leave you excited about the future.  You can also try to set some goals that you will achieve in future. Finding a way to enjoy your daily task can also help.

3. Learn Daily 

The moment an individual stops to learn new things in life the individual begins to lose value, Myles Munroe once said.

Technology has changed the way things are done and seeking knowledge about these new technological inputs and learning how they work will keep a job seeker busy and relevant in a desired field.

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Those who learn daily are renewed and prepared for the jobs ahead.

4. Maintain Focus On The Prize 

One thing that limits an individual or kills morale is dwelling on the past.

When you hold onto negative emotions about the feedback you have received, you will not be able to focus enough to see the new openings and opportunities that are around you.

Address these feelings and give yourself permission to shed any insecurities that get in the way of feeling confident about your prospects.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

The fact that there is no job coming through does not mean that you should be gin to look shabby.

Taking care of yourself in all aspects of life including taking worry out of your mind is one sure way to build resilience while you look forward to getting the job.

When your life is in balance, it is easier to breathe, and it's easier to perform. Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up.

6. Take action

You don't need to fear whether you will be able to do the job or not.

Rather than turning a blind eye to what scares you or makes you feel defeated, create an action plan for how you can move forward.

Strategise with a friend or a coach and outline what avenues you can take to reach the finish line. Break your tasks or goals into small pieces. Check things off your list one at a time so you can see your progress.

Career coaches have emphasised that developing resilience doesn’t happen overnight, but over time, with 'consistency' as the watch word.

After a while and with some practice, you’ll be able to face the realities of the job hunt with courage, improvise workable solutions, and find meaning in adversity instead of blaming yourself or others.

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