National leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu has condemned the plan of some people to use President Buhari's health crisis to promote disunity.

He said  those who have speculated about the health of Buhari for selfish reasons shall be found out in time.

Tinubu in a statement issued on Snday asked Nigerians to trust Buhari to take the right decision about his health.

He urged those who have shown genuine interest in the president’s health not to be discouraged by the attacks which they had received.

Tinubu also dismissed the notion that a cabal was running the affairs of the country, saying he had it on good authority that the President was in control of his government.

“We voted for President Buhari because we trusted his ability to make decisions regarding complex issues of state. If we can trust him to handle difficult matters of governance, we can also trust him to make correct decisions regarding his personal health,” the statement read.

“The President Buhari I have come to know is an honest and responsible man and leader. When he returned to Nigeria on March 10, he disclosed to the nation that he had been sick to the extent that he received blood transfusion and would leave for further treatment at some future date. He said he would follow the counsel of his doctors and there is every reason to believe that he has been true to their counsel.

“Those who publicly speculate about the issue of the president’s health must keep all of this in mind. Much is at stake. We owe a responsibility to be wise and circumspect in what is spoken into the public ear.

“Many people have openly speculated about the president’s health. Some have done so for their own selfish reasons. These people shall be found out in time. There are many who have done so out of sincere concern for the President.

He also commended Buhari for assigning some responsibilities to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, and urged those behind “unfounded speculations” not to become “unwitting tools of regressive forces”.

“The President is also showing his belief in process and partnership by assigning more responsibilities to the VP, which included presiding over meetings of the federal executive council, thus demonstrating his trust and implicit confidence in him,” he said.