A proper Lagos party will hold on Thursday and Friday in Nigeria's commercial capital.

The roads are literally closed, drums rolled out, civil servants have been permitted to stay home or come out to welcome Nigeria's president, Muhammadu Buhari as he makes a long overdue visit to the Centre of Excellence.

But I keep wondering why this deliberate visit is so important at this time?

Pre-visit Events

1. Oyegun in or Tinubu out?

The All Progressives Congress' leadership is at cross-roads. The decision on whether or not to keep its National Working Committee in place will surely be discussed over the next 48 hours.

The Presidency and some leaders of the party have been accused of keeping Bola Tinubu who coincidentally turns 66 on Thursday at arms lent over the last 2 years and half.

Jagaban's beloved Remi did not have water in her mouth when she made her claims, which by the way, were never countered by the APC as a party.

Tinubu has made it clear for the world to know that he is not in support of the tenure extension. 

He says the extra-time given to #TeamOyegun violates the constitution of Nigeria and the principles that guide the affairs of the party.

Push came to shove on Monday when the president, who appears to have sitting on a fence, had to take one side. 

As expected, he chose to stand behind the National Leader. At least you and I can perceive how important 2019 may be to the president.

2. The May 23, 2016 Lagos Embarrassment

After waiting for 14 years, Lagosians were delighted to welcome a sitting president to their doorsteps.

The banners were printed, projects waited to be commissioned, roads were closed and everyone was anticipating the visit of the man who said "I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody".

Sadly, the presidency announced the cancellation of the visit and the commencement of treatment overseas for the infamous ear infection.

Lagosians have had to wait for almost 22 months for another opportunity to see Mr. President face to face. Perhaps, the visit would yield some economic confidence or just create a sense of belonging to the centre?

In 2016, all the sites which were to be visited in Oshodi, Okota and Lagos Island wore new looks.

Roads were swept clean and painted in national colours of white and green, flags of Nigeria, the state and APC swung freely in the air. 

The Lagos State Public Works Corporation erected street lights and replaced burnt out bulbs on all the roads he would cross but that was not done this time.

Could it be a reflection of the tough economic times or has the president's body language become quite predictable?

The Visit

Just in case you will be hovering around these areas be warned, Baba is in town!

On arrival, Buhari will attend the Colloquium organised to mark Jagaban's 66th Birthday which hold at the Eko Hotels and Suites in Victoria Island.

While in VI, the president will inspect work ongoing at the new home of Nigeria's Super Rich - Eko Atlantic City.

From there he would head to Ibeju Lekki to flag-off the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea project.

Buhari will also be in the state capital to commission the Ikeja Bus Terminal.

We expect to see Buhari with the fist pump in the air while a few cheerleaders wave on from a very far distance.

Maybe they will get a glimpse of the hat or agbada or a stroke of cane from our very effective security operatives acting on orders from above.

After The Vist Events

1. The #MLK Saga: I imagine the ongoing justification being done to clarify that the award was not a sham will continue.

It has the potential to steal the shine from this 48-hour visit unless the presidency is clever enough to make a policy statement to reclaim control of public discourse.

Whether or not the president has been dragged into another illegality like the APC's NWC which he recently disowned shouldn't stop him from enjoying his Lagos Party.

But it seems the harder his alleged cabal try to drag him out of the negative spotlight the more they attempt to pull him into trivial issues ticking like time bombs.

Baba will round of his trip and should be home early on Saturday for midday prayers. 

Although critics have tried to make claims that the president is embarking on a pre-election campaign by coming to Lagos; I tend to disagree with that notion.

Buhari is Nigeria's president and Lagos is an APC state. So, let's not get it twisted, he has every right to be in town and get along with his business.

However, I have my concerns. Basically, our Eko will be locked down for two days.

The Lagos business men and hustlers will be forced to remain indoors and some international and domestic flights will be disrupted.

School children were made to write 6 examination papers in one day which they did not prepare for.

The pain and agony that the young ones had to endure was quite inhuman and pratically insane. 

For an education system that already to fails to meet international standards to be further crushed by a Lagos Party seems very unfair.

In all, Lagos will pick itself up by Easter Monday.

The hustling will resume on Tuesday and like the people that we are - providers of our own social amenities - boreholes for water, generators for electricity, private guards for security and a tax burden around entrepreneurs necks; we may hardly remember by Tuesday whether or not Baba visited or not.