A cattle farmer lost no fewer than 23 cows to a thunder storm in Ekiti State after a six hour massive downpour on Monday.

The incident which happened at Okeowa Eluju, a farmstead in Iloro-Ekiti, Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti state, caused some apprehension among local residents who had never witnessed incidents like that before.

The owner of the cows who happens to be a Fulani herder, Abdulkadri Kadiri, confirmed the incident while reiterating that he was devastated by the development.

According to the Herder, he went to check on his farm after the heavy downpour that lasted for six hours on Monday only to discover that 23 cows had died from the herd.

This raised his suspicions as he critically examined the body of the cows for any sign of physical injury but found none.

He said further that having discovered no physical injuries, he believed it was an act of God since he did not offend or quarrel with any member of the community where he practices his business.

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The Regent of the community, Joseph Alofe, also confirmed the incident and described the victim as a gentle and peace loving herder.

He said the incident was indeed a strange one and called on government and well meaning individuals to assist the cattle farmer revive his business.

Lamenting the loss of his cows, Kadiri, said he had not experienced such incident in his 35 years of being involved in the cattle business.

Residents of the community are still in shock over the incident which could best be described as an act of nature.

There has been massive rainfall and thunderstorms in recent times across the country which has resulted in massive floods leading to displacement of people and over 300 deaths so far in the country.

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