Before ‘Wedding Party’, ‘Wives on Strike’ and ‘76’, there was ‘Issakaba’, ‘Domitilla’ and ‘Nneka the Pretty Serpent’.

Cinemas may be the hottest thing now, but back in the 90s, it was good, ol’ VCR tapes which were either bought, borrowed or obtained from neighbours/cousins.

As the early 2000s rolled by, video clubs started to emerge which made movies slightly more accessible. But men how we hated those 3-day (minimum) waits for new movies to get returned so we could FINALLY borrow them. 

P.S If you never shadowed a video club waiting for a newly released movie to get returned so you could watch after hearing the gist of the movie, we suggest you re-do childhood/teenage-hood – depending on what stage you were at the time.

Mercifully, all that’s history as we can now enjoy the latest Nigerian movies with but a few clicks on our phones.

Indeed, the Nigerian film industry aka Nollywood has come a long way, but we never forget the glory days. Today, in acknowledgement of #ThrowbackThursday, we take a trip down memory lane as we remember some of Nollywood’s baddest bad boys.

JT Tom West

-          Gentle Jack: There sure was nothing Gentle about Mr Jack in virtually every movie he played. With his tall, dark menacing frame, Gentle Jack was the go-to robbery/kidnap ring leader, and he kidnapped, raped and robbed more than his fair share of victims in Nollywood movies. 

Hanks Anuku

-          Hanks Anuku: With his wavering American accent, dreadlocks and baritone voice, Hanks was tailor-made for the bad boy roles he often played in Nigerian movies. These days, Hanks resides in Accra and is reportedly battling HIV. 

Sam Dede

-          Sam Dede: Who can forget Sam Dede’s utterly convincing performance in the Nollywood hit movie, ‘Isakkaba’ where he played leader of the notorious vigilante group, Bakassi boys? The lecturer cum politician also won our hearts over when he starred alongside Genevieve Nnaji in the epic movie, Ijele.

Ernest Asuzu

-          Ernest Azuzu: Where 2 or 3 cultists were gathered in a Nollywood early 2000s movie, let Ernest Asuzu be present. The former Nollywood bad boy reportedly suffered a stroke in 2015 but thankfully made a full recovery.

JT Tom West

JT         J.T Tom-West: Cool, calm and unfazed, JT until his tragic death in 2006 was the king of Nollywood action movies. The Rivers state born actor died in a car accident in 2006 while returning from a movie location.