Many Nigerians are not aware that their president just signed the country’s 2018 budget which has been delayed for six months.

They cannot be bothered because their darling Super Eagles are at war. When football comes, every other thing takes a backseat.

But things have started on a bad note for the soccer-loving citizens at the World Cup after the Eagles lost their opening match to Croatia.

The biggest prayer point in Nigeria right now must be that Iceland does not win corner kicks in their second match.

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But the night before they face Iceland, Croatia beat Argentina 3-0! We know the Eagles watched that game and they must have processed what they saw.

But if they try to see things from the fans’ angle, they should be facing Iceland with the right attitude and make it count.

Here are a few ways that Argentina's embarrassment is a blessing for Nigeria.

1. Losing to Croatia is no big deal

If any of Nigeria’s players, particularly the ones who made mistakes in the loss against Croatia is still feeling bad, this is the time to shake it off.

The same Croatia that managed to beat Nigeria without a goal in open play just thrashed Argentina with their Lionel Messi 3-0.

So, you’re not so bad guys. Get confident and win the rest of your matches.

2. We now know how to beat Argentina

Nigeria will face Argentina for the fifth time in just their sixth World Cup finals appearance in Russia.

They have lost all four previous meetings, a poor record they should be desperate to end against what looks like the worst Argentina team of recent World Cups in spite of their attacking talents.

Croatia doesn’t have the same attacking talent that Argentina has, but they owned the midfield with the trio of Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, and Marcelo Brozovic.

And after the game, this is what Modric has to say.

“Our team effort throughout (was the key) and particularly in the second half when we had more possession.

“In the first half when Argentina had the ball we cut off Messi and stopped him getting the ball. We created three clear chances which we missed. But in the second half it opened up and we deserved to win.”

If we cannot learn from those words, then a ma ni problem o.

3. The group is open now

It is so bad in group D that with just two points, any of the trio of Iceland, Argentina and Nigeria can qualify for the round of 16.

Croatia have shown that they are not mates with any of the other teams in the group and have given an air of certainty to any genuine effort made by the rest.

Win the rest of your games and we will be heading for the round of 16 singing ose ose o, ose o, ose baba.

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