Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has said that he is not afraid of what could happen to him after leaving office as governor in October.

He stated that, “Those waiting for me will wait in vain, I am Peter the rock.”

Speaking during an interview in Lagos on Sunday, the governor said, he has defended Nigerians and he did not owe anybody an apology for his actions.

Fielding question on whether he was afraid of being arrested when he leaves office in October, Fayose said: “Who is God on earth, none. What are they talking about? Is it all these muzzlings of people? “I have done everything, I have defended Nigerians and I have no apology and I will never have one.

He stated further that: “Let me tell you again, those waiting for me will wait in vain. I am Peter the rock. If they like, let them lock me up from today till next year. We have seen presidents, we will still see more, and this one too will soon pass.

While stating that his presidential hope was still alive for 2019, the governor said: “I am going to run a beautiful campaign as a president.


"Let us finish the Ekiti governorship election.

"Nigerians want a man that can fix this country. I served with President Olusegun Obasanjo, President MusaYar’adua was my colleague, I served with President Jonathan, I am in President Buhari’s administration.

"I am the most experienced person in government today.”