'Die by fire, die by fire', most of them shouted as they pour curses and condemnation on her, with some sending her to abyss.

They have declared war on the one they called a witch, after they concluded she was responsible for their business failures, but no one knows who she really is. Her existence is only in the spiritual realm.

Artisans in Nigeria have formed the habit of praying against witches killing their businesses, but a little survey about them, their craft and then their services will leave you with more questions.

Ask a Nigerian what his experience with any artisan has been.

'Ahhhh! They can lie!'Are they all trained to tell the same lie' Is usually the immediate response.

The situation is made more complicated, since they cannot seek redress in court due to the judicial process that most low earners see the courts as a mere waste of time and money.

Choima has learnt fashion designing and earned her freedom.

Her zeal to make money was her push and she had acquired some tools needed to make her job easy.

She set up at home and the marketing platform provided by the internet earned her new customers. Referrals were also to her advantage.

Her customers were growing and gradually overwhelming her.


My wife had met her at a salon and the stylist had praised her craft and she decided to try her out.

They exchanged numbers and after some days she invited Chioma to our home and then she gave her some materials.

When I saw her, the best word to explain her looks was ‘Scripture Union Sister’ and that left me a little comfortable.

After two weeks Chioma returned the clothes well-designed.

Wow! My wife exclaimed, and then decided to give her more materials and money after resolving that she had met a different artisan.

But that was when the usual witch that makes artisans fail struck again.

Devil In The Detail

Many Nigerians have had sad experiences with artisans – from carpenters, electricians, furniture makers, photographers, electricians, brick layers and fashion designers.

One of such sad experiences made social media top issues recently when Mercy Aigbe allegedly posed with the wedding dress of another woman.

The owner of the clothes claimed the fashion designer had in the bid to make quick cash gaven her clothes to Mercy for a birthday photoshoot.

It turned out to be true when she admitted renting the dress on Wednesday.

Back to my wife’s experience.

After Chioma took the clothes and money she never showed up till this day.

She had collected so many materials from people and never gave them their clothes, my wife was told after she inquired from the lady that linked her up with Chioma.

After some days, I was in a church and the person behind me was praying fervently for God to transform her business.

I could hear her loud and clear to the point that her prayer was interfering with mine.

I stopped and looked behind me and was shocked to my bone. It was Chioma.

She was binding and casting principalities and powers holding down her business, but never took time to look at her ATTITUDE which is a witch that kills business.

The exchange that followed within the church premises is a story for another day.

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But while Chioma prays for the hand of God to visit her business, Trend Factory, an emerging fashion brand in Lagos is smiling to the bank.

They have consistently bit the timing for delivery of clothes and have paid attention to detailed finishing.

There is no witch anywhere stopping businesses from growing, it is just people’s attitude that kills their businesses.

Until they tackle that, nothing will change; the owner of the brand toldBounce News.

On what they have done differently to keep the witch away and satisfy customers; the CEO of Trend Factory - Alonge Olubunmi, said their watch word was customer satisfaction.

Trend Factory CEO Alonge Olubunmi
CEO of Trend Factory Alonge Olubunmi

“We make outfits with best of fabrics with sharp eye for details and on time delivery – customer satisfaction,” she said.

Dear artisan, 2018 is another year for you to make amends and stop blaming a witch in your area or village for making your business fail.

If your business must move forward this year, you must:

1.   Stop lying

2.   Learn new trends in your craft and improve your concept

3.   Be timely

4.   Pay attention to detail

5.   Befriend your customers

6.   Expand by increasing hands when more jobs come in and do not rely on your ability to deliver

7.   Be more concerned about adding value

8.   Get some education