For this young boy, attaining the age of 16 without a girlfriend is a sign of weakness and he has decided to prove his strength by sodomising the younger boys around him.

It was revealed that the boy, Ebuka Okafor who worked in a Liquor shop at Oshodi market in Akure had so far lured about three young boys with 200 naira snacks and sexually harassed them.

His act, however, got busted when one of his victims, simply identified as Idris turned down his offer, refused to get down to the ugly act with him and consequently reported him to his parents.

"I was really worried when my son told me. He works in a Liquor shop in an adjacent direction to my shop in the same market and all we notice about him, is that he is friendly and relates very well with people.

"It is difficult to suspect him with such a heinous crime. I had to raise an alarm immediately I was told and people in the market apprehended him and he confessed that he had been sleeping with young boys since August." Said the mother.

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He was said to have later handed over to the men of Nigeria Society of Civil Defence Corpse.

Confessing to the crime, the suspect adduced his action to the fact that he had no girlfriend to sleep with.

"I have slept with three boys since I started. They are between the age of 10 and 13. I usually buy snacks for them each time I want to do it and I have been doing it since August this year. I decided to be sleeping with young boys because I have no girlfriend to sleep with."

Parading the suspect on Thursday, the state NSCDC Commandant, Pedro Awili advised parents to properly monitor the movement of the children and be wary of the company they keep.

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