Nigeria’s military have additional headache to deal with besides Boko Haram insurgency and marauding herdsmen.

On Thursday, London-based Non-Governmental Organization focused on human rights said Nigeria’s military has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to the NGO, these crimes include torture, rape and killing of civilians during its fight against Boko Haram.

“The crimes were perpetrated for years and have continued despite a presidential inquiry established last August whose findings have not been made public,” said the rights watchdog.

But in a swift reaction, the Nigerian military described Amnesty’s findings as “a false report on fictitious rape incidents in IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps in the North East region of Nigeria.”

A separate statement from the presidency said Amnesty’s report lacks credibility.

The 89-page report is based on hundreds of interviews and is replete with accounts of sexual violence, torched villages and other abuses.

“The soldiers, they betrayed us, they said that we should come out of from our villages,” said a woman whose name was given as Yakura in the report.

“They said it would be safer and that they would give us a secure place to stay. But when we came, they betrayed us. They detained our husbands and then they raped us women,” said Yakura, who fled Andara village, Borno state, in December 2016.

According to Amnesty’s report, interviewees “said that when the military conducted operations in their villages, they burnt down homes and opened fire at remaining residents indiscriminately.”

Often the military would “forcibly” take people to camps for people displaced by the conflict, the report said.

“People the military detained without food and water would die. Many of the women were held for six months to two years without charge, some were tortured and beaten, and some, along with 32 children, died,” the report said.

One woman whose name Amnesty gave as Aiya detailed her experience after arriving at a displacement camp, where she was sent to the prison: “I was pregnant and I went into labour. I found the toilet and I had my baby next to it. No one helped me. At the beginning, I didn’t know if my baby was alive or dead.”

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