John Thankgod, 25, was paraded along with three other suspects at the Lagos Police headquarters on Tuesday over the killing and robbery of a Taxify driver.

He was the middleman who introduced the suspected robbers to Mohammed Usman, the buyer of the Toyota Corolla saloon car that was snatched from the murdered driver.

According to Police, Mohammed agreed to pay N350,000 for the car but he had only paid N100,000 and was to move the car to Jigawa when the RRS Decoy Team arrested him.

The man, who linked Mohammed with the robbers, says he is innocent of the crime as his business is to sell electronics.

Bounce News decided to hear him out, perhaps he could make sense.

“I sell electronics, I never knew him (robbery suspect) before. He just came to my shop last week that he had a car to sell and it belongs to his father.

“I told him I am not a car dealer, but I could lead him to the abokis that buy condemned cars as scrap.

“But even the aboki man I got was not into the business. So, he only gave him an advance payment of N100,000, remaining N250,000,” he said.

But this still doesn’t prove that he is innocent, does it? Who sells a working Toyota Corolla saloon car for less than $1,000?

“What I am trying to say is that whenever people bring business like this, we should always pass the message to the police,” he said in manner that portrays him as a man whose only mistake was not telling the cops.

“Truly, I later reported (the transaction) to the police and my statement is still there. They told me to alert them whenever the boy was back to collect his 250,000 balance.

“It was that same day that police came from Alausa to my shop to arrest me.”

So, what can we make of this?

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Since he is ‘not a car dealer’, why did the robbery suspect choose him of all people around, as the sure link to sell the stolen car?

Why would he also recommend a Taxify-operated car, which is obviously usually in a perfect condition to be sold as scrap?

Many questions Thankgod would need to answer but we leave him to the police and the court, while we focus on his warning to the rest of us.

Don’t get greedy. Report any suspicious transaction you notice to the police. Do it for your own good.