Notwithstanding the tide of sophistication and education that are gradually eroding some cultures; this community is still hell bent on carrying on with the legacies of their fore fathers.

This explains why the people of Atosin in Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State, dare not eat yam until necessary traditional rites are performed.

To reinforce the potency of the rite and consequence of breaching the traditional protocol, Oba Olakunle Ogunlowo, the Awosunye of Atosin has warned the people not to undermine the laid down tradition of the land.

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"This is something that comes once in a year. I feel it is necessary to exercise patience for the appropriate things to be done before going ahead with harvest and sales of yam in our farms and market.

"The fact that other places are already eating yam does not mean we should undermine our culture here. Their culture is different to ours but if you feel otherwise and go against our culture, you must be ready to face the consequences alone because you have desecrated our land." He pointed out.

Confirming the monarch position, Chief Jibola Akinyeye said it is a culture that have been in place from time immemorial.

"It is not a new development. This is what we do every year to welcome the new yam.

"The whole essence is to seek the face of the gods of our land for an increase in the next harvest and prosperity all round."

Until the traditional rites are over, it was said that on no account should new yam be taken to any market in the town while the people are advised to either make do with dried yam or do away with it.

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