Being a married celebrity in Nollywood can have its fair share of challenges.

Chris Iheuwa witnessed the birth of Nollywood, then he took a break from the industry.

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Now that he has returned, the film star who is happily married spoke toBounce News on the one ingredient that can save a Nollywood star’s marriage, at a time celebrity marriages and relationships  have been at the center of scandals and divorce.

“There is practically no state in Nigeria that I have not slept in 2 or 3 hotels before, it is the nature of the job.

''There has to be an element of trust. Do you trust your spouse? Are you going to trust your husband as he sleeps in a hotel for one week or more that he is not going to have a female companion? If you are a man, are you going to say that you trust your wife that she would not be frolicking in bed with another man?

''That is the key element. Trust. If you are working from a hotel, you have to have self-discipline,  so that your spouse will trust you” he explained toBounce News.

There you have it folks, trust goes a long way.

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