Be it from the claimed source or a figment of someone’s imagination, there is truly a sense to this claim about the reason the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, fumbled and mumbled while delivering a speech in Kano.

A speech that was meant to elevate a man and give him an ovation at the end was at some point marred by the inability of Mr Idris to read it before a Kano audience.

That speech that could have gone away like others he had read in the past has now become a nightmare and talk of the town. 

A video of it had gone viral showing the true scenario that some persons, even in the presidency - Abike Dabiri-Erewa - have tried to convince Nigerians that it was doctored.

Points have been put forward by persons who believe they have taken a critical look at the video to identify the flaws.

Some said they found none.

What could be the reason for this 'shame'? A worried Nigerian will ask.

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Searches had started by persons who have spend a reasonable amount of their lives studying the make up of man, with focus on his nervous system. 

The outcome of such probing suddenly began to trend.

It was a message claimed to have been made public by the Chief Consultant Neurologist at ATBU Teaching Hospital, Dr. Nura Alkali.

It read: “Having watched the IGP Idris speech video, I can only conclude that he had a brain block.

“What caused it I cannot tell, since I lack his medical history.

“But I suspect one of three possibilities: Emotional stress, a non-motor seizure, or transient global amnesia".

Earlier, Dr. Joe Abah had posted a tweet saying the IGP could be dyslexic, but Dr. Alkali dismissed the chances that he was.

“He is certainly not dyslexic, after all, he has read public speeches flawlessly in the past.

“And from available evidence, the video was not doctored.

“I advise the IGP to see an experienced neurologist or psychiatrist, who should also watch the video,” the Neurologist allegedly wrote.

One of the symptoms of emotional stress is the inability to focus which was witnessed in the IGP’s case.

He repeated a word several times showing this symptom of emotional stress.

Atypical Absence Seizures is a kind of non-motor seizure which may last up to 20 seconds. Usual movements when this occurs may include blinking, chewing, or hand gestures.

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The IGPC was blinking and the entire scenario lasted for less than 30 seconds as shown in one of the video versions.

Stress is identified as one of the major factors that could cause either of these medical conditions.

In the past few weeks, the IGP has been in one state or the other moving with President Muhammadu Buhari while also making necessary efforts to end the killings in some states in Nigeria.

At least we have seen videos of his visit to some of these states even though he has was reported to have spent just a day in Benue State.

He is always on the go and that could have caused stress for the man who is also having issues to settle with the Nigerian Senate.

If you still doubt that the IGP could read, watch this video. You can skip to 0.42 seconds and continue watching.