Christmas is just four months away, but those who will not listen to the voice of warning or see what the hand is writing on the wall could be taken aback with the way this year’s Christmas will be.

It could be a gloomy one and a policy analyst, Dr. Boniface Chizea, is warning people ahead of time to tighten their belts and put on their thinking caps.

Nigeria’s second quarter [Q2] report on the Gross Domestic Product is out and things have slowed down, with the nation’s crude oil production dropping from 2 million barrels per day (mbpd) to 1.8mbpd.

The GPD slowed growth could be attributed to this drop since the GPD was more impacted by the non-oil sector in the reviewed quarter.

If you have dropped your thinking cap somewhere, it is time to pick it up and wear it, as the year comes to an end.

While people naturally hope for better days ahead, the signs of such days coming this December is very bleak, going by the projections of the policy analyst.

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Political activities are become more intense by the day, with defections and power tussle, becoming the order of the day.

“It is like to your tents oh Israel and every Nigerian will have to put on their thinking cap to see how they can make some income.

“If you have a source of income, see how you will be able to diversify, considering the economic environment.

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“People will have to tighten their belt. I do not see anything changing. Election 2019 is taking full hold of the system and nobody is talking about the economy.

“People are concerned about their personal interest, with defection from one party to another, as people try to secure a ticket to contest the election,” he explained.  

Dr. Chizea also questioned why people have continued to pander to popular sentiments, without reeling out templates on how they will bring the transformation they preach to the people.

“They give good sound bites on what they want to do, but do not make known how they intend to do it or how they are going to achieve it,” he added.