There have been agitations from different regions of Nigeria. They want to secede from the entity called Nigeria.

These agitations are mostly hinged on claims of marginalisation.

Calls have increasingly been made for unity and even the American government has said it would like Nigeria to be together.

On Sunday, however, a leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, gave his position on the agitations coming mostly from the south-east and northern Nigeria.

He wants Nigerians to declare support for the unity and genuine integration of all Nigerians under one flag, in one indivisible nation.

This his opinion was part of his Eid-el-Fitri message to Nigerians, which he entitled “The Spirit, Strength of Our Diversity”. It was issued in Lagos, a state he had governed.

Tinubu condemned the call for violence or issuing of quit notice by some Nigerians to fellow Nigerians, saying that the voices calling for secession and break-up are wrong and should not be followed.

“Voices calling for violence must be roundly condemned for it is wrong to incite brother to go against brother and neighbour to combat neighbour.

“However, in the spirit of understanding, we must listen to the genuine concerns of our fellow Nigerians.

“This is in order for us to make ourselves a stronger, more unified and prosperous nation built on a foundation of dialogue and collective purpose.

“We must join hands to bring progress. We must decide whether our diversity shall be our strength or our weakness. It is for us and no one else to determine,” he said.

Tinubu, however, said that the lessons of the holy month of Ramadan point to the success of unity, not the failure of division.

While agitations have continued for Biafra in the south-east, some northern youths, in what they called Kaduna declaration, asked Igbos in the north to leave the region before October 1.