President Muhammadu Buhari wants to leave a legacy behind that will ensure that the future of Nigerians is secure. 

Buhari was at a town hall meeting organised by the Directorate of Youth Moblisation, Buhari Presidential Campaign Council on Friday in Abuja and he gave the youths some assurances.

“Our future must be secured at all cost; that is the legacy I want to leave behind.

“I will continue to work towards improving on security and national integrity, and continued growth and development of our economy.

“Since 2003, this administration has implemented policies aimed at the three main issues—security, economy and fighting corruption.

“Those who know me know that I don’t make promises I cannot keep; but I assure you that young people will continue to be part of this administration even as we consolidate on the gains so far and more to come.," he told the gathering.

He said that with a population of over 70% of youths making up Nigeria’s 190 million people, youths were as important presently as they would be in future.

According to him, the voting population of young people is the determinant factor in any election that any politician cannot neglect.

The president expressed his sincere appreciation for the support from young people during his presidential ambitions from 2003 to date and gave them an assurance.

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“I will like to assure you and other young people who are not here that I remain committed to the cause of a better Nigeria for you and for every generation.

“I am still committed to the pledges I made to the country in 2015 and I stand before you today to renew those same pledges that I will continue the fight against corruption.

“I can assure you that no one, no matter who or what, will make me compromise on fighting corruption.

“I will not shield anymore who is brazen enough to embezzle public funds; or betray peoples trust. They will face the music in due course," he said.

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