Abule Egba bridge is one of Lagos’s new bridges commissioned last year. 

A beautiful bridge, with a Lagos logo hanging on it that was made in Europe. 

But like the beautiful gate with a beggar by it, the bridge has become a home to a woman who is gradually dying. 

I had passed by her one day and I felt for her. 

Abule Egba Bridge lagos logo

What could have happened to her? A question that kept running through my mind. 

She may have been labelled a witch and chased away or may have slipped into insanity that has now forced her to make her bed under the beautiful Abule Egba bridge. 

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Each day, people pass by, but no one cared to take a picture of her and make posts on social networks that could force the government to do something about her. 

She needs help. 

dying in the mega city

Her life is around the bridge and daily she sits there not knowing when death will come. 

But a wound she has on her right leg that is now swollen is gradually ensuring that she walks the road to the lonely grave-yard and no one cares. 

Her lower lip is sore and red like some disease has gotten hold of it. 

If an injury to one is an injury to all like our politicians claim, this is one of us dying gradually and she has no help. 

If the people cannot help, can’t the government also help?