While politicians trade blame, many lives are being lost daily to the senseless killings by so-called herdsmen in northern Nigeria.

The latest most widely reported was the killing of not less than 86 people in some villages in Plateau state.

It has been so bad that one of the leaders in the state said that since the crisis started, 52 villages have become desolate.

The rate of killings has left many wondering if there are security agencies existing in the land.

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But former presidential candidate of the KOWA Party, Mrs Remi Sonaiya is asking if there exits a government in the first place.

In a post on her Facebook page, she condemned the failure of the Nigerian government to protect the lives of those citizens.

What on earth is going on? Why is it impossible for the police to arrest/stop these killer herdsmen?

Why is there no (believable) outrage on the part of @mbuhari? A govt that's incapable of stopping the killings happening in #plateau, #benue, etc. has no moral right to leadership.

Mrs Sonaiya lost out in the 2015 presidential election but has declared her interest to try again in 2019.

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