It is not everyone that goes about with a dog that has it as a pet.

While police use dogs to chase criminals, criminals use this one to aid their robbery. The world we live in.

This dog, named Bullet, is not just a dog, but also a robber and a member of a gang.

It has been trained by its owners to assist them in robbing people, especially women who fear dogs

The dog was arrested by police in Lagos State along with its owners after they allegedly robbed some persons. 

The incident happened around Ladipo market area of Lagos State, Police Commissioner, Imohinmi Edgal, told reporters on Thursday.

It was a press conference organised by the police to give a breakdown of Police activities in the state.

Imohimi Edgal police commissioner in Lagos State

Mdumade Olajide and Uyi Adisa, both male, were arrested by the police along with the dog and a motorcycle was recovered from them.

"These suspects, who are local criminals. They will rob innocent passersby, particularly those of the weaker sex, women, and thereafter, they will set the dog against them and it will be the duty of the dog to chase them away.

"And there after they climb their motorbike and zoom off to safety," he narrated.

The suspected criminals were, however, unfortunate on a fateful day.

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Their method of operation is to first scare victims away with the dog and then take advantage of the confusion to rob.   

They wanted to rob a woman, but this time, Bullet for strange reasons refused to heed their order to attack the woman. Instead it stood and kept barking.

Officials of the police around the market were alerted and they headed for the scene. On getting there, the dog was still attempting to scare the woman and the police arrested the dog and its owners who were attempting to escape.

Other persons suspected to be members of different cult groups and armed robbery gangs were also paraded by the police after the press briefing.

The police commissioner said they would be charged after further investigations.

Edgal took over as police commissioner less than three weeks ago.

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