How big can a barbecue fish be? 

When I saw the fish, different questions raced through my mind and one of them was whether this fish was gotten from Nigeria’s water.

It is Christmas and exciting things are already showing up.

The picture was shot at a bar in Opic area of Lagos State and the fish you see is for Christmas celebration. 

How much of it can an individual eat? I asked myself.

Yes! It is not just for an individual but for a group of persons that will be somewhere having fun this Christmas.

The guy in charge of a barbecue section at the bar where I saw this fish said someone brought it to him to prepare for an event.

I tasted a fish pepper soup he prepared, and it was delicious, a reason has received apparently the biggest fish in Lagos this Christmas to turn into a delicacy. 

After eating my plate of pepper soup, I could imagine a table, with 10 persons surrounding the fish and devouring it like it was the only food for the day.

This is their own of way of having fun and the fish will surely leave a lasting memory.

Justrite Shopping Mall Abule Egba

While people devour their fish on Christmas, Shopping Malls in Nigeria are smiling to the banks, with people trooping in to buy items even on Christmas Day morning.

If you go into shopping malls around your area, you will wonder if there was a slash in price at the malls.

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The queue is like the type you see around fuel stations during fuel scarcity and that leaves questions of why the shopping has to be on Christmas Day.

Many issues could have triggered the trooping in of persons into Malls.

Jendol shopping mall at Abule Egba area of Lagos S

Shopping Malls are some of the places you can go for sight-seeing at Christmas and catch some fun without anyone asking you questions.

All you need to do is just walk around to excite your eyes with great stuffs.

The queue may have been as a result of the fact that Nigeria’s salary payment system sometimes could be frustrating too.

Some government workers may have received alert on Monday and with cash in their account they could now go and buy what they need for Christmas.

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