Christmas is a time people throw caution in the wind and indulge in some unhealthy lifestyle, damning the danger that goes with it, even heart attacks. 

An Abuja based Cardiologist, Dr. Ademola Aderinloye, has identified few activities that you could engage in this Christmas that have very high health risk. 

He says you should avoid doing them because they cause heart attack.  

“In the course of my practice over the years, I have seen an increase in cases of people coming down with heart attack during the yuletide,' he said.

1. Excessive Drinking

The first thing Dr. Aderinloye identified is excessive drinking at Christmas.

People often go to parties and most times they drink beyond their capacity, simply because the drinks are free.

Some others see Christmas as a period to enjoy themselves and they take excess alcohol, endangering their lives.

The doctor says this could result in burdening the heart and could lead to failure of the organ.  

2. Inappropriate Eating

There is food everywhere at Christmas to the extent that walking on the street, you could salivate as a result of inhaling all kinds of appetising aroma. 

Many people just flow with the aroma and eat without caution.

Dr. Aderinloye says "it is important for Nigerians to eat appropriately during this season.

There is too much oil coming into your system this Christmas and all that will end up as fat, especially when you do not pay attention to the amount of fatty foods you consume.

3. Long Distance Travel Stress 

The Cardiologist further cautioned that factors such as emotional stress, anger, anxiety and sadness could also increase the risk of having heart attack.

He says long distance travel could lead to such stress.


“If it is not necessary to travel, they should remain at their stations so that they will not go through unnecessary stressful situations.

“For most of these people, engaging in stressful conditions like travelling long distance had increased their risk of having heart attack," he said.

Aderinloye added that "some people put themselves under undue pressure to make more money to enable them spend excessively during the season.

“They will end up spending what is meant to be their season of joy and celebration in hospital bed".

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