Christmas is here and Christians and even some non-Christians are in the mood of celebration.

It is said to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ even though there are no proves that he was actually given birth to on December 25.

But this story is not about that argument, but about one of the gifts you may have read that baby Jesus received.

Wise Men from the East had visited the born Messiah and brought three gifts – Gold, Mar and Frankincense.

People know about these gifts but not very many know why Frankincense was included.

The circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus resulted in the mother delivering in a manger and that is a dirty place, if you ask me.

Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree that is native to northeast Africa and India (wise men from the East).

It was given to baby Jesus thousand of years ago and it is still harvested and used now, with many people preferring to reap the amazing benefits from the essential oil that is produced from it.

Frankincense essential oil comes from the resin, or sap, inside the Boswellia tree. The sap is extracted and then left to dry and harden.

Once hardened, it is then steam-distilled to produce a pure essential oil.

Frankincense essential oil continues to be one of the most popular essential oils due to its many amazing benefits.

1.  Sign Of Peace

Jesus was called the Prince of Peace and the scent Frankincense produces is enough to promote peace, tranquility, and overall wellness in a home.

2.   Respiratory Illness Reducer

Have you ever been in a manger? The stench that comes from the faeces and urine of the lambs are enough to give a baby respiratory illness, but the wise men provided Frankincense to keep the stench away.

Frankincense essential oil can ease symptoms of bronchial and sinus infections by clearing the airways in the body.

Its anti-inflammatory properties open the breathing passages, which can be effective for those who suffer from asthma.

Frankincense essential oil also soothes cough and reduces phlegm which usually come in the season that Jesus was born.

3. Supportive of Cellular Function

Frankincense has the ability to support good health and boost the immune system, and babies usually have very low immune system at birth.

4. Naturally Disinfecting 

When used as a disinfectant, frankincense essential oil can beat bugs, get rid of germs without the harsh chemicals of other products that are available.

5. Helps For Relaxation

You know the circumstance that surrounded the birth of Jesus Christ and how stressful it must have been for his mother. Guess Frankincense came in handy when she finally got a moment of respite.

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Frankincense can help reduce stress. The scent has the power to promote relaxation for ages. 

Now you know why baby Jesus did not get a diamond studded watch or a car worth over a hundred million naira.

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