So, it is that time of the season when family members far and near come together after a busy year.

Are you going to be spending time with your in-laws during this period?

The following tips will make your in-laws fall in love with you more.


Christmas is the season of sharing and your in-laws should not be an exception no matter how financially buoyant they are.

The beauty of the gift is not really in how expensive it is but the heart of giving.

Consider picking up a gift basket before a visit or ask them to tag along when you are going to see a sporting activity.

If your father-in law is a football fan, you can surprise him by buying him his favourite football jersey.

Don’t overdo the gift-giving, as this can come off as insincere or make them feel like you are trying to “buy” their affection.

However, gifts can be a thoughtful way to show your in-laws how much you care during this period.



Most people like surprises including your in-laws. It won't be out of place if you are financially buoyant to send them on vacation.

The vacation spot might not necessarily be an expensive one as we all know the state of the Nigeria's economy, but that does not mean you can't trip them out.

There are so many fun and affordable places you can take them to. To make your plan easier and more effective, we suggest you involve your spouse in the whole plan.

You can't know her parents more than her, so together as a team, you guys can plan the best vacation for your in-laws.



Don’t be cold-shouldered and aloof around your in-laws and expect them to like you. 

Put your best foot forward and demonstrate a relaxed, inviting personality. 

Smile, greet them warmly, shake hands, and hug, if that’s typical in your family.

Let your in-laws know that you are interested in developing a relationship with them and they’ll have a positive perception of you. 

Do this by taking an interest in their lives and their interests.

A simple, “How’s that garden coming along, Mummy?” or “Have you been fishing lately Daddy? I’d love to hear about your latest catch,” can show how thoughtful you are.

 Merry Christmas!