Deaths caused by cancer are increasing and the need for screening is becoming more important, now more than ever before.

One is exposed to substances that are capable of triggering cancer cells and that is why a free cancer screening centre is coming to you.  

There are 3 newly acquired Mobile Cancer Centres code named "PinkCruise" that is "taking wellness to all" by providing access to free cancer screening centres in all communities across Nigeria.

All you need to do is watch out for it, so you can partake when it comes to your area.

There are 4 pilot centres that will be in the 4 old regions of Nigeria - North, East, West and Mid-West.


"North will be represented by Abuja, West by Lagos and then Port Harcourt will represent the East and Asaba for Mid-West.

“From these regional centres, it will progress and more will be provided in other states.

"These mobile cancer centres are not going to operate in isolation; for each of these places where they will be located, we already have fix centres, where they will operate from.

"After the community outreaches, there are some people who will need further care; the fix centres will be the point for further care and also acts as the take off point for the mobile cancer centres," Dr Abia Nzelu, the Executive Secretary of CECPN, told a gathering at the unveiling of the programme in Lagos on Friday.

Earlier, the National Coordinator, National Cancer Prevention Programme, Dr Kin Egwuchim, announced the plan.

This is the first time such an initiative by private individuals and corporate organisations is being put in place to stem mortality from cancer.

According to Egwuchim, other killer diseases, including diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, malaria and obesity will also be checked.

"The centres will help in reducing maternal mortality by providing ongoing examination for women who are pregnant in the areas to be visited.

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"There will also be eye screening, because when people are blind they usually have low life expectancy.

"We also have cancer occurring in the eye and when people have cancer in other parts of the body, it can spread to the eye.

"It is not just for women; every member of the family will be taken care of through these mobile cancer centres.

"We implore all Nigerians to come out and get screened, because it is free and we also need support to get more of these cancer centres to go to other states.

"We want the general public to take advantage of what we have and also support us in order to have deep measures to ensure that we all live longer and healthy lives," Egwuchim explained.