Abba Umar is a Boko Haram member and he will spend 60 years of his life in prison.

He was found guilty of four terrorism-related charges by a Federal High Court in Wawa, Niger State.

The 22-year-old man has different years to serve for each of the charges.

On count one  - being a member of the proscribed Boko Haram sect - the judge sentenced Umar to 15 years in prison.

Another 30 years jail term was given for attempting to commit an act of terrorism and another 60 years in prison on count three for committing an act of terrorism on Bama community in Gwoza and military barracks in Borno.

In those attacks, people were killed, while arms and ammunition were taken away.

Umar will also serve another 15 years in prison for receiving terrorism training.


This, according to the judge, is an offence punishable under section 7 of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act of 2013, and five years for failing to disclose information on Abubakar Shekau.

The jail terms are to run concurrently.

Nigeria’s prison has been described by an ex-convict as a place where hardened criminals are trained, and a member of the dreaded sect going to one of such prisons, is a source of concern.

This may have prompted the judge to make a crucial demand after the judgement was pronounced.

He asked prisons authorities to ensure that the convict would undergo de-radicalisation of his belief while in custody.

There was mild drama in court, however, as Umar confidently told the court that he recognised only Shekau as Nigeria's leader and not the present government.

After he made this claim, the prosecutor furiously demanded a maximum punishment of death for the convict, which the defence counsel did not object to.

But the judge, however, held that the court could shut its door of mercy but not implement the maximum punishment.

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Umar’s journey to the prison began when a remote control meant to detonate explosives planted within Pilot Secondary School failed on May 27, 2014.

Reports said he was lured into the sect by his elder brother Ahmadu Umar.

During interrogation he was said to have also confessed to being a commander in the terrorist group and has about 100 subordinates.