Opolo market located between Okutukutu and Biogbolo communities, is a daily market but usually have its big day every Friday.

By 4:58 p. m., on January 18, some traders had barricaded the major road with their goods.

Traffic became slow and exchanges were ongoing. 

Those who witnessed the armed robbery attack which took place in that area on January 16, and resulted in the death of a lawyer, sought to know the reason for the delay.

As some car owners began to ask questions, a grey coloured Sienna car barricaded the road.

Its occupants, two middle aged men dressed in Jean trousers and Polo Shirt, came down and rained blows on a man.

Everyone was confused at the sight of the altercation. 

Beggar gets beaten by men alleged to be soldiers i

Bounce News’ correspondent was at the scene when the beaten was ongoing.

After the incident Bounce News approached the man that had been badly beaten by the other men.

Supporting his left rib with both hands, he began: "My name is Ogoun Sule. 

"I saw the men and thought they might buy food for me”. 

"Them Wan Kill Me"

He decided to beg them for money and he got a beaten from them instead. 

He explained that he never knew they were soldiers.

Beggar gets beaten by men alleged to be soldiers i

After he regained strength he quickly flagged down an auto rickshaw and left the area

"The Holy book said we should help one another.

"Na kill dem wan kill me (they wanted to kill me)," he said sobbing.

Some traders thanked God that he was not framed up and killed, a scene that had become a regular one in the state with a growing crime rate. 

After he regained strength, Mr Sule abandoned begging, ran across the road, boarded a tricycle and left.

The men who he claimed were soldiers could not be identified by Bounce News, as they were both not wearing their uniform. 

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