When anarchy becomes the order of the day, definitely people will begin to see it as a norm. 

This is the situation in Bayelsa State where a woman says she loves to watch cult groups' battle and wishes she was a man. 

Her desire to be part of the hit-men of cult groups does not stop in her generation, as she also expressed the desire to pass it on to her child.

Now, she has a daughter that she has vowed to train to be powerful and able to wield weapons of cultists. 

This is a precarious state that requires the government and security agencies to do more to check the excesses of this cultists before it gives birth to a future with grave crime rate. 

The woman is a resident of Arietallin and she must have seen so many fights of cultists to the extent that she has falling in love with watching them. 

She opened up to Bounce News After a fracas between two cult groups was resolved by officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in the state, ending what would have become another bloody week. 

The two deadly secret cult groups which dominate Bayelsa state are the Greenland and lceland.

They are radical street cults which specialise in recruiting younger boys and girls into their fold to battle for supremacy with other cults, steal, rape and destroy.

Their rivalry war had led to the death of over 30 young persons since last year. 

It had rained heavily in Yenagoa, the state's capital the previous evening and by 10:08 a. m. on Saturday, as the gentle morning breeze blew, the streets were deserted except for few vehicles on special duty. It was a day of sanitation. 

Some residents of the state stayed indoors to observe the monthly Environmental Sanitation exercise.

Suddenly, members of lceland cult residing at Ovom and their Obele brothers, armed with dangerous weapons, trooped out en-mass to attack the Greenland group residing at Arietallin axis.

A member of the Greenland group, who was standing beside the state's stadium, fired a warning shot into the air and their rivals responded with another shot, as they marched fearlessly towards their enemies.

The atmosphere became tensed. 

While death was knocking, officials of the NSCDC came to the scene.

They were security officers attached to the Environmental Sanitation Authority team and they brought sanity to the area.

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The security men quickly split into two groups.

While some fired several shots into the air to disperse those at the stadium, the other group did same toward Obele.

The Greenland group retreated while their rivals from Obele stood halfway.

Their desire to kill quickly disappeared.

A civil defence officer who would not want his name mentioned, told Bounce News that only one cult group exist in each area.

"Arietallin has the Greenland while Ovom and Obele have the Iceland.

"They are very useless and deadly, as they carry small guns always," he told Bounce News

He said they were responsible for all the robbery attacks in the state.

"From their confessions, they rob, kill, rape and initiate little boys and girl's which they use as informants.

He, however, explained that they had been instructed not to kill any of them unless the person was with a gun and attempted shooting at them.

"I look forward to when we will be instructed to take our operations to another level to end their activities," he concluded. 

While security agencies look forward to ending cult activities, a resident really admires these rootless cult groups. 

But she has her reasons. 

"When l watch them, I  wished l were a man.

"Do you understand what it means for people to fear and respect you? she asked. "

"I  have a daughter and will definitely teach her to be strong" she vowed.

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