Shall we begin to suspect what Atiku’s presidential ticket in 2019 will look like?

When former Vice President Atiku Abubakar storms Ado-Ekiti to visit Governor Ayo Fayose and all his brothers show up to welcome him, one should ask, for how long have they been ‘family friends’?

The visit was part of Atiku’s preparation for the 2019 presidential race and he was warmly welcomed, not only by Gov. Ayo Fayose and his siblings but also by top PDP members and government officials.

Since APC seems bent on presenting their Buhari-Osinbajo ticket, it might not be out of place to imagine that opposition can present a similar southwest/northern ticket with a hope to split the votes in APC’s strongholds.

We all know how political alliances rapidly happen ahead of major elections, so we will not allow Fayose’s 2019 presidential bid to fool us.

All of it might just be a means to earn the slot as the party’s vice-presidential candidate.

Indeed, if you are a student of history, you will not write off Mr Ayodele Fayose aka Oshoko.