Many times in a man's life, he needs to rise to the occasion in the bedroom.

But there are dreadful moments when the 'third leg' refuses to cooperate.

Erectile dysfunction is its official name and it seems it's no longer limited to old people.

26-year-old Zachariah Reitano knows it firsthand.

Reitano's experience with erectile dysfunction(ED) started when he was still in high school and in the long run he found out he had heart defects.

Years later, this journey inspired Reitano to start a company that tackles erectile dysfunction and the misconceptions surrounding the issue.

Creating Morning Glory was their first step towards the goal of educating people about ED

It's aptly titled and uses fun, entertainment-based activities to introduce the topic of erectile dysfunction into men's lives.

Basically, each morning guys have to open the app and check if they woke up with or without morning 'wood'.

No erection? The app offers tips on what to do next and even offers a free phone consultation with approved physicians.

The app's main intention is to show people how their simplest life choices correlate with their sexual health.