It is either there are so many Nigerians in the United States or Americans are now fed up with their own cuisines.

Regardless of which it is, Nigerian foods and drinks including Star, Gulder, Ovaltine, Peak Milk, Maggi, Milo, Semovita and Honeywell Wheat, are now being consumed in America.

Trust Nigerians, they are already reaping bountifully from the new export business opportunity.

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One of them, a seasoned entrepreneur, Stephen Opayemi, told newsmen in New York that Nigerian food products have become so hot in demand because they compete favourably with their foreign counterparts in terms of quality.

He therefore called on the Federal Government to encourage more Nigerians to export food and non-oil products.

Opayemi, who is now the Chief Executive Officer for Kalto International in the U.S., said his company has a result of the rising preference for Nigerian foods, introduced a lot of Nigerian food products into the U.S. markets.

According to him, his company imports over 35 Nigerian brands into the U.S. including the ones mentioned above.

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“Nigeria has some of the best natural products that anybody can think of and at the same time, a lot of our packaged goods are made of very good quality,” Opayemi said.

He added that, “There’s a lot of health consciousness globally, especially in the United States, and we see a lot of Nigerian products, because they are made out of natural raw materials.”

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