Abstinence from sex for unmarried people has always been emphasised, but unmarried people still engage in it. 

Mario had entered a loo to pee, but urinating had become as difficult as pushing a had poo out of the anus.

He could notice a strange substance coming out instead of his regular urine and shock gripped him.

A flash of events that had occurred a few days came back to his mind, as he tried to understand why he was having a situation he had heard his friends discuss.

The pleasure he derived when he had sex with a randy girl he barely remembers her name came to his mind, but was quickly swallowed up by the pain he now felt.

She had transmitted a disease to him and few minutes of pleasure he had without condoms turned into endless pains for him.

He quickly suspended the pee, allowing his bladder to suffer pressure, as he ran out of the loo.


Mario does not like a condom and there are guys like him, but a Non-Government Organisation, Society for Family Health (SFH) Nigeria, on Tuesday launched 6 new variants of condoms-Flex Classic it believes will help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

They are also 'pleasure-laced', with different fragrances.

The Managing Director of SFH, Mr Bright Ekweremadu, told reporters in Lagos that the flex classic condoms were ribbed and flavored to provide extra sensation and heightened pleasure.

"Anyone out there who is sexually active should always use a condom, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but to also protect against contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

"We are expanding and launching our new condom series in different brands, flavor and texture to ensure that every sexually active Nigerian is able to find a condom of their choice,"

According to him, the expansion was to also ensure that the demands of consumers were met, by producing the brands in various flavors and textures, such as banana, chocolate and strawberry.

"Originally, we have the Gold Circle Classic, and then we introduced the flex by Gold Circle brand and now we are extending that brand to six different variants.

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"We are only responding to the demands of our consumers; we have made available this brand in different choices of demands," he said.

Ekweremadu said that the products were double-tested, both nationally and internationally, to ensure its safety to end users.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports SFH is an international NGO with mission to empower Nigerians, particularly the poor and vulnerable, to live a healthy life.