Sexting is a cool way to have naughty fun with your partner even when you’re miles apart. Thanks to app developers these days, you can even sext using only emojis and your boo will still ‘hear’ your message loud and clear.

Sending sexts to each other is also a clever way to keep the spark alive in your relationship and keep things exciting.

Keep things fun, breezy and ofcourse, sexy

Here are some interesting sexting tips you can try out with bae.

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• Use familiar words

You don’t need to whip out the Oxford dictionary to concoct the right sexting vocabulary. Just use words you would normally use if you were both having a face-to-face conversation. If you have a nickname for your body parts, you can infuse that too into your sext. For instance, if you call your girlfriend's boobs 'The Twins', you could send her something naughty like, “I can’t wait to be with you tonight and bury my face between The Twins.” It’s familiar and it gives your girl a mental image of what you want to do to her later.

• Talk dirty

It’s called sexting for a reason, so the dirtier your lingo, the hornier and expectant you make your partner when they read it. Use language that would make your boo blush and eager to hook up with you. You could say, “I love thinking about you spanking me and fucking my brains out”, or “I’ve been a really bad girl and I need you to punish me.” Give your partner something to look forward to.

• Use your imagination

Sexting is all about fantasizing and creating sexual emotions with words. Which means what you say has to be provocative enough to excite the person on the receiving end. You know what your partner likes, so use that to your advantage. Saying something like, “I’m at home right now, waiting for you on the bed with my legs wide open,” would give your guy a rock solid hard-on and make him want to run straight to you.

• Timing is everything

Sexting is more fun when done at the most inappropriate time. For instance, your man tells you he’s having a business meeting at 10:00am, and then you hit him up with a crazy sext like, “All I can think of right now is sucking your balls,” at around 9:58am. He doesn’t have much time to reply you, but you’ve just giving him an extra buzz to help him nail that meeting.