In a world where terrorism and crime have continued to grow, with these nefarious activities linked to diminishing family values, some mothers are exploring an interesting way of raising children while also making money for the family.

Their desire to bring up their children in a way that will make the society proud is the reason they came together on Saturday, December 8, to brainstorm, share ideas and experiences and then learn how best to carry out their duties as mothers to their children and wives to their husbands.

It was an event organised by FABMUMNG and “Xmas Soiree” was what it was called.

There was no music, but the conversations were enough to make it fun for the women who gathered at Ogudu area of Lagos.

Discussions were focused on management of finance, bringing up children in a way that will benefit the society, managing the family resources well, living healthy, managing the home and business at the same time, sex and the value it adds to marriages and then how to maintain a flourishing marital relationship.

It is apt, considering the rising cases of divorce. 

In the cause of the talks the women were handed questionnaires that evaluated them on some values a woman should possess to make managing the home interesting and easy for career mothers and stay at home mothers who also do business.

Different facilitators were present and gave talks on issues of concern to the participants.

One of the facilitators, Damilola Adedeji, is an entrepreneur and she says mothers must look at their child to understand the child's way of growth and apply patience in bringing the child up.

“There is always a unique way of growth. Every child does not grow the same way.

“Check exactly what is really wrong if the child is behaving in a strange way. Sometimes it might be something that will pass with time. All you need is patience," she said.

Mrs Adedeji commenting on the Xmas soiree said it was exciting and worthwhile. 

Fabmum xmas soiree programme held at Ogudu

“We are in an era where so many people lead fake lives.

“People are going through issues and they can’t find the right platform to express their problems and their pains.

“For me this setting just makes us open up to the struggles that we face as mothers and find ways to solve them,” she told Bounce News.   

She says the family plays a great role in changing the face of Nigeria, Africa and the world, urging parents to play the role of changing the situation of the world.

Another facilitator, Uchenna Mofunanya, a fitness coach, spoke on how mother's could lose postpartum weight and keep it off.

She emphasised the need for mothers to give attention to what they eat after child birth and then add exercise to their routine. 

Mrs Mofunanya, who is a mother of three but could pass for a model, also said she benefited from the activities that they engaged in.

A participant, Lolade Nwanze said it was an exciting thing sharing experience and ideas with other mothers and that it was a learning platform for her.

"It has been very interesting and a lot more impactful than I expected. It has been quite interesting bonding with other mums.

"The session I found most interesting was the session by the therapist, Damilola. It was really therapeutic and good learning for other mums that have children that are older than mine.

"I was able to learn what lessons I should imbibe right now," she said. 

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Mrs Nwanze highlighted that parenting at this time required a lot and expressed the belief that gatherings like this would give mothers an opportunity to share ideas and lessons to enable them raise better children. 

Fabmum founder, Jane Augoye and a participant

For Chigozie Udozie it was a time of learning from mothers who had older children and from others who have been able to convert their passion to a source of income. 

The FABMUM Xmas Soiree event was organised by Jayne Augoye of FABMUMNG and she said it was an annual event for mothers. 

It is basically a hangout for mothers who work so had and need a time to relax.

"It is an avenue for mums to network and meet. For some mums it is the first time they are going out in the year. 

"We also learnt from experts about some few things in our motherhood journey. 

"We have stay at home mums, career mums and those who run businesses among the participants. 

"I am the host but I have learnt something new which I will apply in my parenting journey and that tells you that in parenting there is no one-side-fits-it-all. We learn from here and there, take out what will apply to our family and leave out the rest. 

"It is not everything that worked for another mum that will work for you," she said.

Mrs Augoye also emphasised that every mum needed a support system and advised that as much as they could, they should learn to ask for help and accept offers for help. 

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