Women from northern Nigeria are generally seen as demure, shy and conservative.

But even the youngest Amaria (bride) knows that pleasing her husband sexually is very important and she is not shy to seek help in making that happen.

To help them achieve this, indigenous experts in herbs and fruits have been able to create various concoctions (both edible and non-edible) to boost sexual drive and attraction for women.

Hauwa Mohammed owner of Jaruma Empire is known for her assortment of products

As of today, no other region in Nigeria can boast of the vast collections of aphrodisiacs that our northern compatriots possess. 

In fact, the effectiveness of these products have increased their popularity such that they are now in high demand by women from different parts of Nigeria.

Although, some people are of the opinion that some of these potions have elements of juju in them, the sellers have repeatedly denied this.

However, what we do know for certain is that northerners are the Greatest of All Times (G.O.A.T) when it comes to sex. So let’s discuss 3 out of the many aphrodisiacs they have to offer.

1. Goron Tula: Otherwise known as “Tula kolanut”, this is an indigenous fruit found in Tula, Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State. The fruit is believed to increase fertility and also boosts libido in women. According to sexperts, Goron Tula creates wetness in the vagina if used before sex, and is said to boost sexual enjoyment too.

Kayan mata consists of an assortment of herbs, honey, perfumes and even vagina tighteners.

2. Kayan Mata: This is more like a general name for a host of aphrodisiacs. Kayan mata means “Women’s things” and it is by far the most popular sex enhancer from the north. There are different types of Kayan mata in the market which cater to different aspects of your sexual needs. Some contain herbs, honey, perfumes and even vagina tighteners.

3. Gindin Ayu: This aphrodisiac can be used by both men and women. This libido booster is said to be derived from a rare species of fish called “Ayu”. It is believed that this fish stays glued to the vagina of a female for weeks or even months, and when they finally separate, he will seek no other female but her. The sperm of this fish is extracted and then mixed with milk which will be drunk by a woman. For men, the sexual organ of the fish is dried, ground and mixed with milk for him to drink before sex.

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