Residents in Gombe the state capital, have been lamenting the epileptic power supply which they say have made life and businesses very challenging in the state.

They stressed the need for both the state government and lawmakers, traditional rulers, trade and labor unions in the state, to come to their rescue.

Some have gone as far as petitioning the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Gombe, to investigate the financial fraud being committed by JED in Gombe state. 

Speaking at Gombe Zone Stakeholders Meeting organized by EFCC on Monday, 22nd October 2018, Maryamu Simon said, “We want EFCC to go and investigate the activities of JED in Gombe, because we are being forced to pay for energy they never gave us”.

Malam Yusuf Sarki, is one of such residents of Gombe metropolis who told Bounce News that, the escalating shortage in power supply in Gombe needs to be addressed.

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He said JED must be made to understand that Gombe populace are human beings, as such they hold the right to know the rationale behind the poor power distribution.

“We understand that the generation and transmission companies had always made sure of abundant power in Gombe, why is JED not giving us fair distribution?”

Another resident Ismail Bima, said "We in Yollon Guruza community thought we are the only victims of this problem but, it is obvious that the problem is rampant in the state".

He added that they hardly enjoy four hours of the power supply in Yollon Guruza and that the community had to mobilize themselves and complain bitterly befor their transformer which was  faulty was fixed.

Malam Babayo a resident of Tumfure community in Akko local government area, told Bounce News that, Tumfure community used to enjoy up to eighteen to twenty hours of continuous power supply, adding that, “It is now becoming something of the past, because we may have light for the whole day but, won't be sure of same supply the next day. 

The Gombe Regional Manager, Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) Sani Hamza, said that the shortage in power supply being experienced in some parts of Gombe state, is due to the energy theft by unpatriotic citizens.

He explained that the company, JED had organized a stakeholders meeting and also has been sensitizing its customers on the dangers attached to energy theft and how it is affecting the power supply and distribution in the state. 

According to the Regional Manager, areas that has high number of illegal connections and energy theft, are the areas most affected with the epileptic power supply, he therefore enjoined individuals who tapped and are enjoying the power supply from their neighbors to kindly stop and come to register with company. 

This he said is indispensable because, "We supply power to our transformers based on the number of registered customers we have on each of these transformer and it is all based on units ingesting".

"For instance, if we have ten customers registered on a transformer and we supply units that is supposed to serve the ten customers for whole day, it ends up being exhausted in less than two to three hours, because of the unknown customers who are tapping from their neighbors on that same transformer,” Sani Hamza said.