Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as TBoss was unarguably the most talked about and controversial Big Brother Naija housemate from season two.

The Edo state indigene was constantly in the headlines, and inspired some very fierce debates online either with her utterances or interaction with fellow housemates.

Tboss (Photo credit: Instagram/officialtboss)

But despite her many goofs, apathy from fellow housemates, and endless bashing from many viewers, TBoss managed to remain till the last day, and even emerged as the show's second runner up, much to the shock of fans who thought that she should have been ejected from the show a long time ago.

So, what could have worked in her favour?

With 12 days left to the start of Big Brother Naija season 3, we turn the spotlight on the woman many loved to hate, and determine some of the strategies that helped her last till the end.

1. Bring on the romance...but don't forget the game

TBoss gave Nigerians what they wanted when the 32-year-old had a fling with 23 year-old Miyonse.

They kissed, made out, fought and gave viewers enough drama to keep them glued to the show, but by the  first week's nomination night, TBoss nominated Miyonse because he was a 'distraction'. Never mind the fact that she later regretted nominating him . The point is she was smart enough to recognise Miyonse as a distraction early on and booted him out before he could mess up her game.

TBoss and Miyonse kissing

2. Be yourself

TBoss was not the most friendly person in the house. She had run-ins with practically all her fellow housemates, never danced during Saturday parties and was quick to remind everyone that she wasn't their age mate.

Photo credit: Instgram/officialtboss

Then there was the fact that she was a 'boss lady'. By her own admission, she'd traveled quite a bit, owned a number of luxury designer items and had private jet owners as toasters.

The babe was insufferable.

But, you see, she was completely true to self. She did not try to sell herself as a sufferhead hustler to earn sympathy. She was unapologetic about her love for the good life and this is eventually what earned her her fierce Boss Nation fans who kept her in the house till the end.

big brother naija

3. Play the victim

At the end of every controversy, TBoss always played the victim card. Whether it was when she was not able to recite the national anthem, or when she boasted that she could spend the 25 million Naira prize money in one week, she somehow always ended up seeming like the scorned party.

In time, this led other housemates to alienate her which eventually earned her pity from voters, enough to get her votes that kept her till day 90.

4. Stay away from cliques

TBoss was clearly a lone wolf who didn't belong to any clique. She however had a trusted ally in Debbie Rise. Her isolation from the rest of the pack quickly helped to distinguish her as a strong personality in her own right. Fans were able to see her for who she was which endeared her to them.

Bisola, Efe and Bally were never really fans of TBoss and her theatrics.

Season 3 housemates can learn a lot from TBoss.