An adage in Delta State says that when an elder tells a child not to do what he desires, the young child will curse in anger of deprivation, but if he goes ahead to do it, the end is always full of regrets.

People who speak Igbo will surely understand this one and that is what Ngozi’s life had become.

“Gently, gently,” she whispered in her dialect, as the young boy thrusted in and out of her.

The ecstasy saturated the atmosphere around them, to the point that Emeka felt pressure down below his belt hanging loosely around his waist. They were all in their school uniform.  

While Emeka tried to make sense out of the shocking scene, Ngozi whispered again, "harder, harder", swapping her previous call and giving a vivid sign she was enjoying every bit of the sex session.

Emeka could not believe his eyes, as he watched a girl he had devoted months to in efforts to show her how much he loved and wanted, now being devoured right before his very eyes.

Her school gown had been raised from behind, as she bent over to enable Smart gain access from the rear.

Emeka was near tears, but the fact that she could descend so low to opting for a bush near their school for a sex session gave him the courage to say to himself, ‘she was not worth the trouble after all’.


He contemplated whether it was the best decision to hide and enjoy the show, but the feeling inside could not help him perform this thought. 

“Ngozi,” he whispered, but it was audible enough that they could hear him.

The sex ramp came to a sudden end. 

The shock on their faces is one thing Emeka would not forget in a hurry.

The heat and passion disappeared in a flash and was quickly replaced with fear and sweat, like water, now dripped from their faces.

“I will let the principal know about this,” Emeka said.

Smart was just 18 and in Senior Secondary School III while Ngozi was in Junior Secondary School III.

They had devoted their time for extra-lesson to this unholy act; the enjoyment and pleasure had swallowed them up that they were carefree about time and how they used it.

To his amazement, Smart, who had always carried his shoulders high while walking because he had little money to spend, now knelt-down begging that he should not tell the principal while Ngozi was already in tears.

He kept it to himself especially as the four of them at the scene felt that letting the cat out of the bag would jeopardise their future, but he never knew it was already messed up.

Few months down the line, Ngozi stopped coming to school and news about her pregnancy spread.

Smart had impregnated her.

He had managed to continue his studies even though he was not serious in the first place, but Ngozi had dropped out.

He finished his secondary school under a special arrangement that ensured he made his papers.

Getting admission into the university became tough for him and he could not further his studies even with the West African School Certificate which was good enough to enable him to study a social science discipline in the university.  

Smart never got the admission and just like that, his life ground to a halt.

He had to stay with his pregnant girl, now turned wife.

Both Smart and Ngozi had settled in the village and faced tedious farming. Who knows if the sex sessions had continued in the farm? Emeka wondered.

Emeka had travelled back to the village years later and he saw Ngozi.

He remembered she was so brilliant in her early secondary school age until her breasts began to cause comotion, drawing irrelevant attention to her.

He took a good look at her, searching for those breasts he had admired and fantasised over, but Ngozi's breasts had drooped and her beauty had withered like a rose after a scorching sun.  

He could not recognise her at first. Four children were with her and she had remained at the level that she droped out of school. Her conversation lines were not clicking. 

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"There was no time to read, parenting had now swallowed her up like the passion I saw that fateful day in the bush," Emeka reckoned.

Tears rolled down Ngozi's cheek, as she opened her mouth to form a sentence.

“Emeka, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time,” she said, shaking her head.

“I traded my destiny with few sex sessions in the bush that only offered me pleasure that lasted for few minutes, and dumped grave repercussion on me,” Ngozi further muttered, as she tried to hold back her tears.

She had heard that 'abstinence does not only help keep one away from diseases, but that it also helps to ensure a dream is pursued without distractions', but her youthful exuberance could not let her give attention to this warning.