Do you see the traffic that builds up everyday on the third mainland bridge? It can scare anybody, even if you are a superstar.

Paul Okoye is weary of the stress caused by the gridlock experienced everyday for commuters moving from the Lagos mainland to the island or vice versa, and this has influenced the brothers' decision to sell their famed Squareville mansion.

Paul, who is one half of the now defunct P-Square opened up on why the brothers are selling their sprawling property in the Omole area of Lagos.

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The building which has a swimming pool, basement and other exotic features goes for 320 Million Naira.

"When we moved into Ikoyi, going down to Omole became too stressful. Before now, we were okay with the house on the mainland because we had no kids nor family then. Now we have our families and going through the third mainland everyday was stressful.

"So we just decided to sell it while we are making plans to buy somewhere on the Island, preferably Lekki which is close to us, not the one that the house is on the mainland and when we have to go there, we would be checking the traffic situation" he said.

Now you know people.