When an impeachment happens in any Nigeria's legislative arm of government, there is always money issue tied to it. 

Ondo State appears not to be different.

November 9 is a day that the leadership of the Ondo State House of Assembly will not forget in a hurry.

Currently the House is in turmoil because the leadership has been changed.

This impeachment of the Speaker of the Ondo House of Assembly, Bamidele Oleyelogun, and the Deputy, Iroju Ogundeji, whipped up confusion in the House.

Although, the Speaker and his Deputy were said to have been involved in a gross financial misconducts, there seems to be more than meet the eyes.

According to Tuyi Akintimehin, a lawmaker representing Idanre constituency, the Speaker and his Deputy could not account for 1.5 billion Naira spent from the Assembly's funds. 

"Their impeachment got the nod of majority of members in the house. Their offence is quite unprecedented and unpardonable.

"We are talking about 1.5 billion Naira here.

"There are so many abandoned projects in the Assembly that need to be attended to.

"If we see this kind of thing and pretend as if nothing happened then, we have committed a gross disservice to the good people of Ondo State whose interest we represent in this hallow chamber," he said.

This reason, however, was no convincing enough to some loyalists of the former Speaker who believed that he and his deputy were impeached because of their close affiliation with the state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu. 

They argued that Oleyelogun had not been found guilty of the allegation levelled against him, but some aggrieved members in the House, who believed that he and his deputy were doing the governor's bidding decided to fuel up the situation and get them out of the way. 

A further investigation revealed that the impeachment was a mere revenge by former PDP lawmakers who defected to APC but were denied return ticket by the ruling party. 

Olamide George was elected the new Speaker of the
Olamide George was elected as the new Speaker of the House

It was exclusively gathered that only the former Speaker and his deputy were offered return tickets by the party while the rest were merely used and dumped. 

The aggrieved lawmakers were said to be determined to deal with the state governor by delaying the passage of his forthcoming budget especially now that his men were out of leadership ring of the House. 

Seeing the danger ahead, the former Speaker was said to have rushed to the Government House to hold a close-door meeting with Governor Rotimi Akeredolu on Thursday night which lasted till around 3:00 a.m.

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A source at the Government House noted that having seen what happened on Thursday night, it was obvious that all was not well in the house. 

"The moment we noticed that the speaker's meeting with the governor was dragging for too long, we knew there was trouble in the House of Assembly.

"The Speaker left the Government House few minutes past three in the midnight. 

"So when the impeachment news broke this morning, it didn't come to some of us as a surprise.

"Apparently, the Speaker must have come to seek the governor's intervention but unfortunately, that did not change anything," the source said. 

The impeachment was said to have been carried out by 18 members of the House of Assembly.

Iroju was not in the House when the impeachment held.  

In a rowdy session which was temporarily presided over by the former female speaker, Jumoke Akindele, Mr Olamide George, representing Akure North Constituency was elected as the new speaker while Mr Abimbola Fadoju of Ile-Oluji Okeigbo constituency emerged as the deputy speaker.

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