During the last few weeks of Big Brother Naija season 2, TBoss said that with owners of private jets hitting on her she could spend 25 million Naira in a week.

See levels.

Ofcourse many Nigerians did not take this well. Insults were hurled and fights broke out all on top this matter. But that is all water under the bridge. Now, with season 3 just 9 days away, former Big Brother Naija contestant, Uriel has shown us the 'real reason' why Big Brother Naija increased the prize money to 45 million Naira.

You see, Uriel had gone shopping when she saw a Prada bag and glasses that called out to her. Uriel could just imagine how the items would light up the 'gram and the caption she would use for the post.

But all those thoughts screeched to a halt when she heard the price of the bag. Our girl excused herself in Igbo, then ran without looking back.

 big brother naija 3

Now with 45 million Naira prize money, a $2,000 Prada bag (about N720,000) would be nothing. The increase in the prize money will therefore help reduce such near public disgrace from happening to whoever will win season 3, because there will be enough money to flex for the 'gram and still invest. 

With 45 million Naira in the bank, many things are possible.

Abi, people how you see am?

Big Brother Naija season 3 starts January 28.