In 2017, 124 million people in 51 countries faced crisis levels of hunger compared to 108 million people in 48 countries in 2016 and 80 million in 2015.

The rate of hunger in the world is rising, driven by climate disasters, conflict and so on.

According to a new report released on Thursday by Food Security Information Network, FSIN, the number of people facing crisis levels of hunger is up by about 15% last year and the situation is getting worse.

The FSIN is a global project set up to strengthen food and nutrition security information systems that is sponsored by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, the World Food Programme and the International Food Policy Research Institute.

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“We are clearly seeing a trend now, from 80 million to 108 million, from 108 to 124 million, people literally marching to the brink of starvation around the world,” said David Beasley, WFP’s executive director.

“We will never address the issues of the day until we end some of these conflicts,” he added at the report’s launch.

The FSIN report said the rising numbers in 2017 were largely due to new or intensified conflicts in Myanmar, north-east Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen.

In 2018, “conflict will remain a primary driver of food security”, it said, while severe dry weather is expected to affect crop and livestock production and worsen hunger in many parts of Africa.

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