When was the last time you sat in front of your television to watch news or kept a date with the news at 7pm, 9pm and 10pm?

The one hour long bulletins appear to be dwindling on the popularity scale in the digital age.

The idea of news compilation and presentation at an o'clock is losing steam with each click and swipe on a mobile phone.

“The entrance and subsequent proliferation of online news platforms has heralded the death of news hour,” said Ehizojie Okharedia who is the Editor of Bounce News Nigeria, an emerging online news platform leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to Okharedia, the technological disruption by new media has come to stay demanding a rethink of not only how news is sourced and produced but how quickly and accurately it is served.

He made this known on Wednesday at the official media launch of the Bounce News app in Lagos.

He said the mobile phone has redefined how news is consumed while broadening access to personalised content and reducing television sets to mere projectors.

You now have a choice to read only what you want to know while sifting through the information clutter. 

Bounce news, he said, represents this technological shift.

“Today, people we call millennials do not show any interests in what does not matter to them. The era of throwing just any information at people because you are news custodian is gone,” he started.

“Millennials are only interested in what affects them. And that is where Bounce News comes in to fill the gap between providing news and serving people's true needs.

“Bounce does not report news. We tell stories, peoples stories because we need to carry our readers along. Bounce listens to people and projects their views for the country's leadership who we believe need to do more listening and less talking".

“We proffer practical solutions by going beyond news reportage and communicating in simple and clear words in order to reach all segments of the society,” he said.

Earlier in a welcome address, the General Manager, Bounce News Nigeria, Goodluck Ikporo said Bounce was conceptualized over a year ago bearing in mind the need to serve relevant news contents to people.

He said the idea behind Bounce was to empower people through creative news contents that appeal to all segments of the society.

On her part, Bounce News’ Head of Marketing, Modupe Ogunyemi said the essential brand promise is that “we give our users an EDGE. This means if you read Bounce consistently, you will have information that gives you an edge to succeed in whatever you are doing.”

We used to hustle but now we Bounce!!!

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