Self acclaimed male Barbie doll, Bobrisky was called out few days ago by a hairstylist who claimed he refused to pay her for services rendered.

According to the girl named Lex, Bobrisky said he wasn't going to pay because he was going to give her a shout out. 

However, Bobrisky has shared proof that he paid $85 dollars into the girl's account and also claimed that he paid the girl on the day she made his hair but that she purposely left the money.

He went on to call the girl names saying she is an idiot and a foolish 17 year old with no home training.  

With the insults Bobrisky got for allegedly not paying for his hair being done, the bleaching cream expert was feeling down and  Tonto DIkeh came  to save the day.

In appreciation, he put up a pretty photo of her and thanked her for being there for him.

He said: "Tonto I love you so much for always supporting me whenever I am down. U are truly a sister and a fan"

bobrisky receipt